Bar Charts and Bar Bills – John Acton

November 30, 2021

’Tis the season to be jolly and planning for an epic 2022. Hopefully, we’re all going to kick on and ‘smash it out of the park’ in our businesses next year, thriving, as we say goodbye to another difficult year and even better if we can, finally, say goodbye to COVID-19. While we’re all excitedly […]

The My Mustard offer to end all offers – Jude

November 22, 2021

Black Friday Deals are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I was in my local village corner shop over the weekend and even they are jumping on the bandwagon and offering their own Black Friday Discounts in big shouty letters all over the shop.  It seems impossible to avoid. I only went in for a loaf […]

Things happen for a reason – Sue Wybrow

November 19, 2021

What we love so much about My Mustard is: not only the insanely bright and wonderful google colours that they use not only the crazy, yet professional, peeps that make up the incredible team there not only the copious amounts of, dare we say it, offensive drinking vessels that my mother would be in shock […]

Will Facebook’s rebrand save its dying reputation? – Kate

November 11, 2021

Facebook is rebranding to Meta. This isn’t the first rebrand.Back in 2019 Facebook changed its name to FACEBOOK. Creative.All big and bold letters, with extra curvature around the edges and a colour refresh to makeit look more “empathetic.” Hmm.Nothing says empathy like big shouty letters and a shade of blue… Facebook’s reputation has gone downhill […]

9 things I hate more than writing a blog – Georgia

November 2, 2021

I love Jude, she’s the best, but every couple of months my love for her diminishes very quickly.  She sends me the email I live in fear of…’Please can I have your blog by the end of the week?’ Despite knowing it’s due well in advance it never fails to send me into a blind […]

A good old icebreaker – Natalie

October 26, 2021

Most of us have turned up to a meeting and been confronted with a good old ‘icebreaker’. Yep, those ones where everyone rolls their eyes wondering what is going to be expected of them. On Thursday morning, I was that person, full of excitement with an annoying smug smile as I stood up in the […]