Effective Twitter Ads

Follow, reply, post, retweet, repeat.

“Twitter is a great place to tell the world what you’re thinking before you’ve had a chance to think about it.” Chris Pirillo

With over 16.5 million engaged users in the UK, Twitter is much more than 280 characters. And now you can get on board by reaching these users (80% are on mobiles) at the right moment, in the right context, in their timeline. You can choose keywords or interests – Corrie fans, gamers , followers of the competition – and whoever else you might want to reach. You can also promote your account if you want to just encourage new followers.

It’s true. To be heard you must be consistently compelling and target effectively. Would you like your sales message to reach men who like Arsenal? Women who like Nigella? You choose… and all for around £2 per interaction. Now that’s more exciting than telling me what you had for dinner isn’t it? Find out more by getting in touch.

What we do

Campaign Management

Promoted Tweet campaigns from £300 per month plus £700 click budget. Based on a minimum 6 month campaign.

Profile Management

Follow, post, retweet, repeat from £350 per month based on a 6 month contract.


Social Media 101 session from £300 on Zoom or in the room.


The ratio of male to female Twitter users is roughly two to one: 34% female and 66% male.


Four out of ten Twitter users reported buying something after they saw it on Twitter. Blimey.

Who we help

Our client base for Twitter management – both organic and paid for – is a heady mix of B2B and B2C organisations; IT, gin distillery, lawyers, construction, training, bedlinen, hair treatments, mortgages.

You get the picture.

We can either help you raise your game organically or use promoted tweets to reach people you want to talk to. If your existing, lapsed or prospective clients are on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter; it’s a conversation and it’s happening with or without you.

When you’ve got five minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill thirty five minutes.”