The Circus Is Coming To Town – Nat

Have you been to the circus?

Ok, in my cough cough 42 years I have never, repeat ever been to the circus. Well I have been to see Cirque du Soleil…which I loved but I have never really classed that as a circus circus if that makes sense?

So, I’m fully aware that having kids there are certain actually many things you do, even if you don’t want to. My god the list is long….spend a lot of time with other kids other than your own, a trip to Smyths Toys, watching Sonic at the cinema, endless kids parties or having dinner at 5pm. Every night.

Well, when Giffords Circus came to town, my husband suggested a trip on a Friday night. Yup, Friday night. The end of a manic week, he suggests this would be a fun thing to do! You should have seen my face. Whhhaaattt?

Anyhoo, I reluctantly agreed as after researching the event, I was sold on the Mexican street food and well stocked bar that accompanied the big top tent.

My 6 & 8yr old were beside themselves when we told them what we were going to do. The Greatest Showman was their vision and I tried desperately to tame their expectations. There was not going to be any big show tunes and certainly Hugh Jackman was not in town. Boo. The idea I had in my head of the circus was Bozo the clown squirting water from his bow tie whilst stacking it on a unicycle. Yawn. 

Anyway, the evening came and it was a beautiful evening and I got stuck into my Chipotle beef burrito and Modelo Beer waiting to go in to watch the performance. As we queued up to enter the tent this rather glamorous showgirl welcomed us and showed us in whilst stopping to have a picture with my girls who were incredibly smiley at this stage whilst buzzing from the candy floss which they were about to inhale within 2 seconds.

As the show started there was a full-on Mexican band (the show was called Carpa, Mexican-themed) which played throughout. The performers, entertainers, singers, jugglers, knife throwers, trapeze artists, comedians literally had the 4 of us mesmerized from the moment we sat down to the moment we left.

I was so utterly amazed at the talent performing in front of us, my eyes couldn’t take it all in. My girls were open-mouthed throughout as was I. I have not felt pure joy on behalf of the whole family like that before. I really was amazed and totally taken aback by just how brilliant the circus was. I did not think it was going to be good let alone this bloody good. Remember not to be so judgy Nat. 

The next day, I went to my Saturday morning bootcamp and mentioned where I had visited the night before and how amazed I was……none of them could believe I had never been to the circus. In fact, they actually thought I had been deprived of a childhood for never visiting. I can now see why.

Have you been?

If not….I fully recommend

Book now. You will not regret it. Almost tempted to run off with them :0)