None of us, is as smart as all of us.

Our recipe for success: take smart, hard working people and a joke-telling pig-rabbit; throw in the world’s biggest search engine, some forward thinking customers, then mix well. Add hours of number crunching, oodles of market research, some seriously creative writing, patience, tenacity and a Bit of luck.

Sprinkle with endless enthusiasm and serve hot.

Natalie was a Mustardteer from Day 1, flew the nest to bonny Scotland in 2012 and came back with a hubby and two daughters in 2016. She is now managing the millions of pennies going in and out of Mustard Towers – God help her reconciling the “entertaining” receipts.

Jude is the head of our marketing department, co-ordinating our social media, newsletters, events, awards sponsorship, networking and sources all the lush My Mustard goodies. She also manages two key accounts in Pharma and Education and buys biscuits of questionable origin.

Hugh was the first male to join Team Mustard after a decade of matriarchy. Yep, brave move. He now handles all of our key account’s social media and email newsletter activity, regionally and nationally. He sneezes every day at 8.30am, its super annoying.

Georgia quickly became an integral part of our tight-knit pay per click advertising team and brought sweets in on her second day #smart. Responsible for optimising & refining over fifty campaigns across all platforms, she is also a reliable source of the office’s greatest gossip.

Kate was the fourth of our super bright apprentices and is kept super busy onboarding all of our new advertising clients, ensuring that they hit the ground running. Equally comfortable with Google Tag Manager, frog eating and wellness she also makes a damn fine cuppa. #shesakeeper

Imogen joined us after studying beauty and business at college. She went on to gain invaluable customer service skills working in retail, hospitality and at a bookmaker. She knows all about odds, she’ll fit in just fine. Studying for her Level 4 in Marketing, she likes pink pens, pink gin and pink wine. But not onions.

After living and working in Guangzhou in Guangdong province for four years, Roberta, sensing a similar exotic air in Old Town Hemel swapped GG for MM. Grower of followers, social media whizz and content creator extraordinaire, she looks after the digital comms for our global hair client.


Average length of service from the existing team in years. Long, hard, backbreaking years.


Alcohol drunk and cake eaten by the Team as a percentage of Dacorum’s GDP.

Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.