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Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine for finding ideas and with billions of Pins you’ll always find ideas to spark inspiration.”

Pins can be images, videos or products and when users discover Pins they like and want to keep, they save them to boards to keep their ideas organised and easy to find.

95% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded which means Pinners are open to discovering new products and ideas.

Unsurprisingly in 2020 – the year of ‘not doing but actively planning’ – the number of boards created increased by 35%. Boards featuring women’s fashion, beauty, home decor and new babies saw major growth.

What is remarkable about this platform compared to its larger, noisier, greedier counterparts is that 91% of people say that Pinterest is a ‘place of positivity’. And 60% of adults polled are ‘more likely to purchase from brands they discover in more positive areas’. Take note, play nice. Get in touch for more.

What we do

Campaign Management

Much more than a haven for pretty pictures of interior design it’s a valuable advertising channel; from £300 per month plus £700 click budget, based on a six month contract. Based on a minimum 6 month campaign.

Account Management

Excite audiences, encourage clicks and win high-value orders, from £500 per month based on a 6 month contract.


Almost 9 in 10 people use Pinterest for purchase inspiration, and almost all of them say they ‘try new things based on what they find’.

7 in 10

70% of engaged Pinterest users are female, although in 2020, male Pinners increased by nearly 50%.

Who we help

85% of users say that they use Pinterest to plan new projects. so our clients who were keen to engage with people in the early stages of a project or purchase decision were the first to jump aboard; travel, food, weddings, home decor, fashion.

35% of UK adults with an income of over £75k use Pinterest.

Let me say that again: 35% of UK adults with an income of over £75k use Pinterest.

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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is.
It is what consumers tell each other is.