Why Choose Google Grants? – Imogen

Are you a registered charity based in the UK?

Do you need help with promoting your organisation to the region, the nation, the world?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES, then you are in the right place. 

A Google Ad grant is Google’s best kept secret. It provides registered charities $10,000 a month to spend on advertising and the best thing about it is that it is FREE! Yep, you heard that right, free!

Before applying you must check your eligibility:

  1. An organisation must have valid charity status with the UK Charities Commission
  2. Your non-profit must be based in 1 of 50 eligible qualifying countries
  3. Your charity must have a live website that meets their criteria
  4. You should have an active Google non-profits account, and lastly
  5. You must be registered with TechSoup or Charity Digital Exchange.

Some limitations of a Google Ad grant are non-profit organisations can only produce text only Ads – no images, videos, shopping or in app ads and you cannot bid on any keywords above $2.00, which could potentially limit your chance to serve ads, especially when you are in a competitive market and your keywords are pricey.

Google also gives you an account structure that you must follow otherwise your Google Ad grant account could be suspended. In your Google Ad grant account, you must have at least two active ad groups per campaign, two active ads per ad group and two active ad extensions; all accounts using the Google ad grant must maintain a click-through rate of 5% and a Quality Score of 3 or more.

Starting to sound complicated? Sorry – we can help unpick it for you and for a nominal fee we can apply for, set up and manage your campaigns for you like we’ve been doing since 2010.

To conclude, in Google’s own words ‘Spread the word about your non-profit’s mission, engage new supporters, fundraise in more ways online—do all this and more when you join Google for Non-profits.’

“The Esther Benjamins Trust is not a household name but Google Grants and the expertise of My
has enabled us to bring our work to a larger audience. They introduced a targeted approach
that has delivered an exponential growth in the number of visitors to our website, something we would simply lack the resources to achieve by ourselves.” 

“As a small charity that had dabbled in AdWords, the team at the Jerusalem and the East Mission weren’t sure whether it would be of any value to us as it really hadn’t delivered. I approached Jo for some support. It was the best investment in our website we could have made. Overnight we started getting hits on our adverts and traffic to our website has gone up 600%!”                                        

Love it!

Drop me a line at Imogen@mymustard.co.uk or call me on 01442 506070 to have a no obligation chat.