Everyone’s talking about it – Jude

Well, did you watch it?
The biggest television moment of 2021 so far.
The most watched episode of any drama since modern records began in 2002.
One of the most anticipated “who is it” cliffhangers of the last six series.

I’m talking, of course, about BBC One’s Line of Duty (spoiler alert coming…) Well over 12 million of us watched the final episode last week (or AC-12 million to us super fans). Whether you’re a fan or not (and if not, why not?) you can’t have escaped the hype around the identity of “H”, the mysterious mastermind of the OCG.
Trending on Twitter and other socials. Mentioned on the news and talked about in households and/or pub gardens across the country.
And why the hype? Why did it command so much attention?
We had to wait. Wait each week, patiently and expectantly for each episode to tune into. There was no watching all in one go like we are so used to doing. No box set or Line of Duty parties.
Waiting is something that is simply alien to us. But wait we did.
As often is the case in such things, the anticipation was somewhat more exciting than the outcome. It has divided viewers across the nation as H was finally revealed. (Spoiler alert… it was Detective Superintendent Buckles and not the lovely Welsh man from Steps).

However what it did do and is still doing is get people talking. At one point the top 20 trending hashtags on Twitter were all Line of Duty related. And whether you like it or not, everyone’s talking about it; “the biggest anti-climax”, “hugely disappointing” or “a perfect 2021 conclusion”.
One of the best ways to interact on social media is to get talking, get involved in what’s happening at the moment, current trends, the most talked about happenings or even what colour a dress is.
Engagement is one of the most important ways of getting your brand out there and if the latest TV moment is one way of doing that then so be it.