What’s on my plate? – Natalie

As part of my Camaraderie role for team Mustard, I mentioned previously that I introduced something called “What’s on my plate” for a bit of fun. 

I started with updating the team with my lunches but very quickly realised that I often ate the same thing most days….a bacon and cheese turnover from the BP garage, followed by an iced spice bun. Honestly, you should try them.
So I thought to mix it up a bit, I would start showing my breakfasts instead as there may be more variety. How wrong I was. Greek yoghurt, banana, blueberries, oats and chia seeds. Every god damn day.

Which got me thinking, I really am a creature of habit. Is that a good thing? Or is it actually quite sad?
It made me think about the pros and cons of this attribute and how this basic comfortable need of mine can affect us in business.
By having habits, it provides a strong sense of familiarity. The same mug in the office, getting out of bed the same side, having a cup of tea WITH biscuits, these are all things we don’t have to think about yet provide a framework to our day.
With having the framework it allows us to spend time thinking about additional/important decisions and choices that we have to make that aren’t necessarily day to day. It allows us to bring creativity to our thought processes because we don’t have to spend time thinking about our habits. 

Applying this method in business is really effective. We know how we normally win our business and how to make the business work for our clients, we know what we are good at, we do this habitually. Now for the creative part, what can you experiment with? What can you implement that isn’t a habit and something that you are comfortable with? What takes you out of your comfort zone? 
Have a think about the things you always do, and have a think about something you have never tried in business? Now just maybe the time.

I’m just going to pop the kettle on….and search for the Rich Teas!