The MM Isolation Chronicles Part Three – Natalie..

My role at My Mustard is Chief Beancounter; yep, you guessed it, I am the rottweiler who chases money. Oh, what a glorious job, particularly in times like these… *sighs & rolls eyes*

So, what has changed in my world since the “C” word hit? Since moving back down South from Scotland four years ago I am fortunate that my role has always allowed me to work from home, so I haven’t had to adapt like my colleagues have in that way. I am an hour away from the MM HQ and I’m the annoying one in the team that graces them with my presence once a month to catch up on the team meetings, quiz the boss on her spending habits and get my fair share of the office biscuits (they usually have really posh ones from our lovely clients). So being at home with limited office banter – apart from the dog – is my norm.

So, given my day to day hasn’t changed, surely the nature of my role has? Well, do you know what, right here, right now? Nope. Not yet. Are clients paying on time? I feel like the answer should be no, but yes, generally they are. There are a few people that continue to be sluggish but then they were before. Cheers for that – you know who you are. But on the whole, we are blessed that we only do business with decent people; one of the core rules that June swore by when she started the business thirteen (unlucky for some?) years ago. I can honestly say, our clients are keeping their word and doing what they can to support us as we are doing for them. We are delighted that their values are the same as ours – the key to good business relationships.

If you play nicely with others, you will be remembered and thought highly of; we have always delivered good service and paid our bills on time; June’s mantra from day dot is reaping the benefits today.  I believe our relationship with our clients is all about respect and keeping the channels of communication open to talk through any issues they may face is also key.

I wonder if I need to nip to the office just in case there are any cheques there? I could check the sell by date on those cookies while I’m there….I am so over these Aldi own brand.