The MM Isolation Chronicles Part Six – Georgia…

So here we are, ten weeks (what??) into isolation and everyday life is hardly recognisable from what it was a couple of months ago.

My role at My Mustard is an Account Manager, this involves looking after two dozen wonderful clients on a daily basis. Creating campaigns, checking ads are running as they should be, and optimising if necessary, refining bids and budgets, generating analysis and performance reports.

So, ten weeks ago I was happily sitting in the office looking after my screen, drinking endless cups of tea, catching up with the daily gossip from my colleagues and hoping that COVID-19 would somehow pass us by.

Alas no, we were hit with the frankly bizarre concept of National Lockdown…. the build up to this obviously led to a fair percentage of clients understandably pausing their campaigns, but what struck me was how quickly some clients adapted their business and focus to enable them to get through this difficult time.

Cue two weeks working at my dining room table – husband working to my right, and plenty of interruptions from my two daughters who were unsuccessfully trying to get on with their school work… was a happy family affair (or maybe not).

I won’t lie, this made working life pretty tough.

Furlough came two weeks later, which however sad, was totally understandable and to be honest, took the pressure off so I could focus on home-schooling. However, the novelty of this quickly faded and the demands way exceeded those of my now longed-for working life.

My much-missed colleagues are never far away though, and we check in with each other regularly, sometimes to compare notes (moan) about the ‘joys’ of home-schooling and how we are all so ‘#blessed’. Other times the conversation moves towards how we will all adapt when we eventually return to the office. 

I particularly look forward to June’s informative weekly email update bringing us all the company news and over the last ten weeks I have learnt a few things, mainly that teachers should have a 500% pay rise, but other than that I am so grateful that I have such incredible colleagues who are pulling together and running the business on behalf of us all.

I promise that when this is all over I will bring you all copious amounts of cake (God, how I miss our never-ending cake & biscuit supply) and I also promise never to moan about doing a report again.*