The MM Isolation Chronicles Part Seven – Max…

Day 456 In lockdown, I think? I am still yet to leave the house properly.

I’ve been through my entire library of games; I have finished all of YouTube & Netflix and am slowly working my way through Disney Plus.

Before lockdown I used to feed the family cats when I got in from work, so they’ve linked the sight of me with being fed. Now because I never come back from work, every time they see me, they think its feeding time, so until 4pm rolls around, they constantly meow at me. Every. Waking. Hour.

The children next door have decided to take up every instrument ever, including the drums and saxophone which they have decided to play exclusively in the AM. A new addition to their orchestra is a flute in which they continue to play out of tune until it sounds roughly like a song.

We recently started doing family zoom quiz nights on Thursdays, which involves my aunt and nan forgetting that they’re muted, then talking when they forget they’re not muted and giving away all their answers…

Lockdown has however given me time to focus on improving my personal artwork & also allowed me to get involved with setting up and volunteering as a graphic designer for an Online music festival in aid of the NHS which has been fun.

Haircuts are something I didn’t realise I would be missing, however my sister has been getting better and better at giving me trims, I started with a bowl and now it’s more of a gradual cliff of hair back and sides.