The Art of TBC

We unleashed our creative flair to produce some works of art (literally) for The Businesses Community St Albans, Art of TBC. We created 5 canvases that were put on display at Rothamsted Research Centre. On Friday 20th September Jude and Max attended the exhibition of the art and tried their best to outbid rivals to get our canvases back to take pride of place on our office wall. However, we lost out on Jude’s wonderful canvas creation of Bit. If found, please call 01442 506070 with details on last known location.

Overall, £1,366.91 was raised for Home-Start Herts, MND Association and JRDF, and many local businesses, individuals and their families got involved. Well done to all the artists out there and whoever has the Bit canvas, we hope you enjoy it!