New Beginnings Part 6 – Georgia

Well, here we are again…not sure about the ‘New Beginnings’ – it’s more like the ‘Same Old’.
We are back where I, and I’m sure everyone else, never wanted to be. So what is different between
lockdown 1.0 and 3.0?

Home Schooling – It still sucks, in fact it maybe harder. Despite having been to Uni and being many
years older than my daughters it seems that each day I am spending an unnecessary amount of time
Googling grammar terms, which to be honest I think someone with too much time on their hands
has just made up – personification, prepositions, full fronted adverbials to name just a few.
Don’t get me started on the Maths #clueless.
I have however learnt what happens at a Sikh baby naming ceremony and can also sign Makaton to a
classic Coldplay song.
It’s the small wins.

Work – I am grateful that during this lockdown I am still working, albeit only half my hours. It may
make it harder to fit everything into the day, and it may mean that the children are spending a little
bit too long on their iPad’s, however it does mean that I am still able to escape into a world of mild
normality for a couple of hours a day. I also get to see my much missed colleagues on a daily zoom
call. For me it is so important to still feel part of a team.

Covid – Well this was a curveball. It came into our lives just before Christmas, like a little bonus
present. By the time it dominoed through the house and left us all a bit jaded it was well into the
new year. We were all very lucky and suffered with mild symptoms. My taste is finally back this week
– unfortunately too late to enjoy the food and drink provided for our regular My Mustard Zoom
party. Oh well, double servings for me next time.

Other than that nothing is different. I still haven’t started eating healthier, I still haven’t got fit and I
still haven’t painted the lounge.
Maybe in 2022…