New Beginnings Part 4 – Jude

Now I do love articles that tell me how to run my life.

“Be the best you “
“Take back the power”
“Future proof your mind”

Hmm, well when I say love, what I really mean is that I read the headline, roll my
eyes and think to myself, have these people got nothing better to write about?
But one title I recently skimmed over stuck with me. It was something along the
lines of “Do less and achieve more” and now I wished I’d stopped and read it.
It has got me thinking whether I can actually do less to achieve more. Surely it’s a
matter of being organised and having priorities?

So what do I currently do to use my time effectively to achieve what I need to?
– I know I’m a morning person and that’s when I get lots of things done. My
mind is fresh and I achieve a lot. So I try and sort my workload
accordingly. Things I need to think about and spend time being creative
on, I am usually best doing from lunchtime onwards.
– I like to group work into sections and spend time on those things. Flitting
from task to task makes my focus drop. Once I am aware of the nature of
my tasks then I know how I can plan my time more effectively.
– When I have something I want to achieve I put it in my calendar/CRM.
That way if it’s written down I’m more likely to act on it. And I do love
ticking things off a list.
– I am a procrastinator. I really only want to do something if I can do it
perfectly. Maybe it’s fear of it not being perfect that makes me delay. So
now I put a time limit on tasks. Not to make me rush but to make me
actually do things. And then if I need more time then that’s ok.

And so maybe I’m really not too bad at organising my workload after all. Who
needs an article to guide me and give me advice. Not me, I’m off to future proof
my mind.