New Beginnings Part 1 – June

We are Google Premier Partners.

Only 3% of UK agencies are Google Premier Partners.

Google. Premier. Partners.

It’s got a nice ring to it.

We have been running Google campaigns all day every day since 2007 and we bloody love it.

But as the years rolled past, we also got pretty excited about the results LinkedIn and Twitter got for our B2B clients.

Rather than choosing keywords like we do with Google Ads, we target people by job title and function, industry and company and seniority, and post from your Company page on LinkedIn.

Meanwhile on Twitter we reach some of the 15 million UK users (80% are on mobile) at the right moment, in the right context, in their timeline; we target your tribe by the handles they follow.

On both platforms you pay when someone visits the site, but you also benefit from associated free engagements – likes, comments, shares and new followers.

Would it be beneficial to get your sales message to business owners in Hertfordshire with 25+ employees? Try LinkedIn.

Want to talk to a few of the 40.9k followers of @theHRdirector? Try Twitter.

We are running a Welcome to 2021 initiative where you choose one of the platforms, we carve out a targeted, measurable audience, craft a compelling message and then set up, refine, manage and report on a 90 day campaign.

Cost £1495+vat for either LinkedIn or Twitter. Want to try both? That’s just £2695+vat.

How many new clients would you need to win……?

Get in touch today to find out more.