The MM Isolation Chronicles Part One – Kate…

Stop looking in the fridge…

Here we are starting week five of working from home. Five weeks?!*

I am an account manager within the advertising team here at My Mustard, so my days typically consist of setting up, managing, refining, and optimising our lovely clients’ campaigns. Understandably, some of my clients have paused their campaigns, but I am busy looking after my furloughed friends’ customers and working with some new businesses; I have really enjoyed learning about their industry, business model and competition.

I’m not too sure where the best place is to start when talking about what has changed so I’ll start with the most obvious: working from home. We don’t normally attend meetings in our pyjamas, and Hugh doesn’t usually bring his brother, but the coffee/tea round is a lot smaller, and it turns out I can’t blame my colleagues for distracting me anymore.

It can get…let’s say… ‘tricky’ having to share a dining room table with two other wfh members of the family, whilst the other mindlessly walks around the house searching for an unnecessary job to do to fill some time.

On a personal note, I have decided to take up running, having not run since year 6 sports day and I must say it is significantly harder than my usual daily walk from my office chair to the biscuit table (which is strategically placed no further than 2m away).

Something that has surprised me is how quickly businesses have been able to adapt, pivot and provide great service during the ever-changing situation and it is a joy seeing companies big and small do their best to give back.

We are now having daily Zoom catchups with an extra special one on a Friday afternoon dedicated to learning and laughs, served with an ice-cold G&T.  Amid the chaos, the emails, the Zoom calls, the family, family pets, I have learnt how extraordinarily strong My Mustard’s team spirit is, I feel lucky to be a part of the gang.

Whatever ‘normal’ looks like in weeks and months to come, I am most looking forward to seeing my colleagues, the other SMEs who share our building with and our lovely clients again …… and to not snack 200 times a day.

Well, that’s me done. I better go and inspect the fridge in case anything’s changed since I last looked.