How the Hell to create decent content in a global crisis

In these stranger-than-strange times there’s no right or wrong way to create content for your business.

But here at Mustard Towers we believe that you must be authentic, consistent and you must keep talking to your customers.

Truth be told we’re all just winging it through this unprecedented (pandemic bingo anyone?) situation.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain pointers you may want to consider before making an embarrassing faux pas…

  1. Try not schedule anything more than a day or two in advance, the situation is changing so rapidly that any information you put in an email or on social media may be incorrect or even come across as insensitive within a few days time.
  2. Think carefully about the subject line of any emails you send out. Although ‘Coronavirus update’ is a very safe bet, it will likely be one of fifty emails with the same subject line that head straight into the bin.
  3. Keep your business information up to date. You should be letting your customers know of any changes to your business such as opening times, delivery methods or the individuals to contact, so make sure you don’t let any changes slip under the radar.
  4. Celebrate all things positive! Amongst the daily doom and gloom, do everything you can to share some much needed positivity in your audience’s timeline. Funny Zoom mishap? Team member’s Birthday?¬†Screaming Marmot video? Share it with the world!
  5. Don’t stop sharing. Although it may seem like you have very little to share, when this is all over you may find that your social media presence has shrunk drastically. Keep up the frequent posting and regular interacting to ensure you don’t slip down the rankings.

For more tips and inspiration, click here to see some brilliant positive examples of brands talking about the crisis from Twitter themselves.