Back to life, back to reality (kinda) Part 4 – Jude

And back into the office…

So I’ve been part working, part furloughed, working from home and gradually increasing my hours each week. Zoom team meetings and team calls. All going swimmingly.

And then I get the call from June. “Why don’t you come into the office a couple of days?”

The actual office, where I used to go every working day bf (before furlough, my latest phrase).

But I’ve been at home since March, experiencing furlough guilt, home schooling and only venturing out for a weekly shop or a walk around the fields. And you want me to actually come into the actual real office?

Not really sure how I feel. Worried, excited to see my colleagues in person but a little bit nervous. A little bit wary. A little bit scared.

Of course my colleagues, June, Hugh, Kate and Max have been back in the office since mid June. They talk of this strange new reality and how odd it is sitting far apart, at different desks to observe social distancing in the workplace. Hand sanitiser, anti bacterial wipes, lots of cleaning.

Oh, well now you’re talking my kind of language. Because I am now mildly obsessed with cleaning, anti-baccing and hygiene. So maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

And do you know what? It was actually fine.

There is a lot of “you stand back while I’ll put your coffee there” and “oops sorry, you go that way and I’ll stay here” but it is like a new kind of weird dance move. Not quite the Cha Cha Slide, more the Corona Step Back but I think it will catch on. Everyone is very respectful and careful as we all have the same goal – getting our jobs done and doing the best we possibly can for our clients, whilst pulling together as a team.

Just not quite sure what size hazmat suit to order…