9 things I hate more than writing a blog – Georgia

I love Jude, she’s the best, but every couple of months my love for her diminishes very quickly.  She sends me the email I live in fear of…’Please can I have your blog by the end of the week?’ Despite knowing it’s due well in advance it never fails to send me into a blind panic. What do I write? It feels like I’m about to sit an A-level English assessment that I’m going to fail on a monumental level.

It got me thinking. Is there anything I hate more than this bi-monthly email? To be honest, I’m not sure there is, but these are close runners;

  1. Covid – Like everyone I hate Covid for so many reasons, but for me more so today. I’m typing this while my daughter recovers from COVID…FOR THE 2ND TIME IN 10 MONTHS. Maybe I should be grateful to be able to spend some 1-2-1 time with her, but it has been 8 days. 8 DAYS. That’s a very long time to discuss (in great depths) her school dramas, Roblox, Netflix boxsets, what she’s going to wear at Christmas…the list goes on, and on, and on, and on…
  2. Camping in the rain – those who read my last blog will understand my reasons behind this. Its just not fun. Not one iota.
  3. Flying – Sitting in a very heavy long metal tube miles up in the sky just isn’t natural right? I know that the end result is normally worth it, but to reach the sun, sea & cocktails I like to cause a bit of a scene, cry and hold hands with anyone willing to humor my irrational fear – sometimes to the ‘delight’ of random strangers.
  4. Calling the bank / doctors – press 1 to be cut off, press 2 to go back to the beginning, press 3 to totally lose your mind. You know the drill…
  5. TikTok – Hours of my life wasted. I could have cured Covid in the time I have wasted ‘just logging on to see what people are posting’
  6. Strawberry Yogurt – Put me in the celebrity jungle but please don’t make me eat a strawberry yogurt.
  7. Christmas Fetes – Everything about them. Crowds, long queues for everything, overpriced rides, crying children. The only good thing is watching every other family having the same arguments and stress.
  8. Milky Tea – When you’re desperate for a good cuppa is there anything more disappointing?
  9. Jude – but only for 5 minutes every 2 months.