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Small change = big change

Mustard pot 2Here at My Mustard we love giving away pots of mustard. No, we don’t sell it or make it (keep up), we just give it away to our lovely clients and contacts. But what do you do with that empty pot when you’ve eaten all that yummy mustard?
You fill it will money! Loose change. Coins. Notes. Cash. Because small change = big change.

As you may know, My Mustard sponsor Maylis, a 15 year old Kenyan girl, to go to school with the help of our nominated charity The Red Rubber Ball Foundation for £250 a year for 4 years. That’s less than the price of an iPad (less than £5 a week) to make a big change to a child’s life.

So “how can I help?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s roast dinner season so dig out all that mustard lurking at the back of your fridge, wash the pot and fill it with money. £2’s worth of 5ps. £6’s worth of 20ps. Or whatever you can spare. You get the idea.

And this is the plan. We want to sponsor another child for the next 4 years and with your help we think we can do it together. Just empty your pockets and fill up those mustard jars to the tune of £500. We’re so confident that we’ll put our money where our mouth is and match it. With your help we can help another child to go to school.
As The Red Rubber Ball Foundation say, “Poverty holds people back, education sets them free.”

Small change = big change

(Thanks for the inspiration Kate Adam!)

UPDATE…  A huge thank you to everyone who has continued to donate to our appeal: Canopy Law, Pinkham Blair, Artists Info, City of Expertise, Caliam HR and all the lovely people at the recent Beds Expo.

If you have any more pots please let us have them!