Team Mustard

June Cory

June is the gobby one who pays the rent and runs the show; a highly enthusiastic on and offline networker, ex-Vice President of the St Albans Chamber of Commerce and a regular judge at local business awards. She is attempting to set a new land speed record for talking.

Natalie Brewer

Natalie was a Mustardteer from Day 1, flew the nest to bonny Scotland in 2012 and came back with a hubby and two daughters in 2016. She is now managing the millions of pennies going in and out of Mustard Towers – God help her reconciling the “entertaining” receipts.

Jude Hughes

Jude is the head of our fast growing marketing department, co-ordinating our newsletters, exhibitions, awards sponsorship – she has an excellent selection of posh frocks – networking and sources all the lush My Mustard goodies. She buys biscuits of questionable origin.

Hugh Pettit

Hugh was the first male to join Team Mustard, reducing the oestrogen level significantly. Completing his Level 4 Business Admin qualification in record time, he now handles our key accounts social, email and advertising campaigns. A great networker, his suit gets a regular airing at awards nights. He sneezes everyday.

Georgia Whitmore

Georgia quickly became an integral part of our tight-knit team and brought sweets in on her second day #smart. She is responsible for looking after the campaigns of some of our favourite clients whilst also being a reliable source for some of the office’s greatest gossip.

Nadine Farrar-Hockley

Nadine joined us with a ‘diverse and flexible’ job description and having overhauled our CRM, HR and archive processes with a sense of purpose that would make Mrs Hinch envious, she now heads up the Advertising team, ensuring clients get the total Mustard treatment every time.

Max Chadwick

Max nurtures our brand on & offline, creates effective banner ad campaigns for clients and makes Cory’s “I’ve had an idea!” become reality. Working towards his Level 3 in Business Admin, he is also the account manager for a global hair brand and a keen Hornets fan. #balayage #vicarageroad

Chloe Ramsamy

Numerate and literate with a strong – some might say OCD and pedantic – eye for detail, Chloe onboards new clients, communicating with all the MM departments to ensure that the process is seamless. This entails making sense of June’s notes. (Ahem.) A fan of Insta, eyebrows and boxsets.


Kate Fitzgerald

Kate is the fourth of our super bright apprentices, working alongside Georgia to keep our client campaigns running at full throttle. Always cold though. She is studying for her Level 3 in Business Admin, is a keen dancer and makes a damn fine cuppa. #shesakeeper



Bit’s duties include sharpening pencils, completing the VAT returns and chatting to Martin at Metrobank. He enjoys the music of Five Star – Bit, not Martin -and lives on a diet of Big Soup, mango and Ferrero Rocher; unsurprisingly he is single. Catch him on Twitter