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Team Mustard

new june imageJune Cory

June is the gobby one who runs the show; a highly enthusiastic on and offline networker, Vice President of the St Albans Chamber of Commerce and a regular judge at local business awards. She is attempting to set a new land speed record for talking.

JoJo Dynes

Jo spends her days setting up, refining and optimising clients’ Google search, display, remarketing, shopping, video, Twitter, Linked In and Facebook campaigns. She doesn’t get out much and she drinks a lot of coffee.

judelightbrownJude Hughes

Jude is our voice across all the social media platforms, she co-ordinates our email newsletters, exhibitions, Business Buzz and sources all of the lush My Mustard goodies. She eats apples really noisily and buys biscuits of questionable origin.

My HeadChloe Ramsamy

Sadly Chloe’s name does not begin with a J but she is pretty darned good at organising our finances and client records , managing our Google Grants campaigns and she is the Queen of Google Analytics. She asks a lot of questions. Lots.


Chloe 1

Chloe Waight

No Chloe for years and then two come along at the same time. Chloe Junior or CJ as she is known is our Campaign Management Apprentice, aiding and abetting Jo with all of our lovely Google activity. She’s really smart, and chatty, and young. (Sigh.)




nat2Natalie Brewer

She’s back! Natalie was a Mustard from Day 1 but flew the nest in 2012. Having found a hubby and two daughters in Scotland – who knew? – she is now managing our Facebook & Instagram stuff. She says she missed the excitement, we think it was the biscuits.





Bit’s duties include sharpening pencils and completing the VAT returns and you can catch him on Twitter. He enjoys the music of Five Star and lives on a diet of Big Soup; unsurprisingly he is single.