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Speaking Gigs


Anyone who has met June knows that she is ‘a little bit enthusiastic’ about Google and is happy to talk to networking groups, businesses, agencies, in fact pretty much anyone who will listen. And it’s not just AdWords. She loves Gmail, Chrome, Analytics, Grants, Drive, Google+ etc.

At her speaking gigs, June delivers a fast paced, 35 minute whistle stop tour and all she asks in return is a small donation to the Red Rubber Ball Foundation and a large Pinot. If you’d like to unleash her – you’ve been warned – at your networking group or conference give her a call today.

“June was an inspirational speaker at a breakfast meeting, making Google and the internet seem a place that we can all reach without the trepidation we all feel.”
Pendley Manor

“I have just witnessed June’s renowned presentation on Google and I have to say that it was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. Using over 100 images and no notes June captivated the audience with her enthusiastic and fast paced talk.”
Hot Office