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Red Rubber Ball Foundation

Mayliss 2The Red Rubber Ball Foundation helps young and disadvantaged people develop their capabilities and is My Mustard’s nominated charity. Founder Neil Kirby not only donates his time and energy, but also commits 5% of his business income to the charity, covering all admin costs which means that every single penny raised in sponsorship is used effectively. One of the main projects is in Mundeku, Kenya converting a piece of barren land into a working farm. A bore hole and pump gives villagers access to water, plants and trees help establish small holdings, cattle provide milk and additional income and crops of maize are now sold at market. Talent is universal, opportunity is not.

My Mustard is committed to helping raise awareness and cold hard cash in a variety of ways. We conned/encouraged our friend Earl Franklin to run the St Albans Half Marathon in a cow costume. We sponsor a child’s secondary school education (Maylis is 15 years old now and a C+ student). We take part in quarterly quizzes where we generally perform badly but we do buy lots of raffle tickets …… Watch this space for Project Name That Cow…… and read all about Small change = big change.

Talent is universal, opportunity is not.