‘Ooooh, I’ll look you up on LinkedIn!’

We’re big fans of LinkedIn and have been since 2008 and with over 22 million UK users, it’s unsurprising that it’s such a formidable online tool. Carefully targeted business people click on your ads or posts and visit your website. In our opinion it’s the most effective way to reach a B2B audience. Rather than choosing keywords like we do with Ads, we target people by job title and function, industry and company and seniority, gender and age.

do you mean business?

We include strong call-to-action phrases like Try, Download, Sign up, or Request a Quote and use an image that’s relevant to what you offer. We write copy that grab the attention of your target audience.

So would it be beneficial to get your sales message to senior HR professionals? Or the marketing team at Virgin Media? Worth thinking about. Contact us for more details.