Google Video

You can create compelling video campaigns with a range of video ad formats to engage customers in different ways. While your video ad content must be hosted on YouTube, video ads will also appear on video partner sites across the Display Network.

Viewers only watch videos on subjects they’re curious about. So you get views from an audience you know is interested. You don’t pay for random impressions or maybe-they-saw-its, you’re only charged when viewers watch or interact with elements of your video.

With TrueView in-stream ads your video ad plays before, during, or after other videos.

Skip the ad (yawn)

Many people do, but you only pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video.

Or you can choose TrueView Video Discovery ads. They consist of a thumbnail image from your video with some text which always invite people to click to watch the video. The video then plays on the YouTube Watch page or on your channel page.

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