Google Search

We all use Google. Every day. Because we know, like and trust it to deliver the best results. Google makes its money by showing adverts called Google Ads or sponsored links. Where buyer meets seller at exactly the right moment.

We work with dozens of clients who know that Ads are a key part of their marketing strategy and outsource their campaign activity to us for efficiency and peace of mind. But what do we actually do?

  • Research keywords that your customers use
  • Write ad copy which encourages clicks
  • Ensure that the landing page is well optimised
  • Provide tracking codes to enable analysis
  • Determine and manage a reasonable budget

All day, every day since 2007

Once we’ve set up your account, the real work begins. We focus on improving the click through rate (CTR) which affects ad position and cost per click, refining the keywords and ad text to the point where ordinary human beings give up or pass out.

And we’re good at it. Keen to be found at the top of Page 1 on Google? Call us today.