Pay Per Click Advertising

You only pay when they click – simple.

We love the simplicity and the transparency of pay per click advertising so much, that it’s all we do.

The key is to ensure that you get the right traffic; your sales message needs to reach targeted and relevant audiences.

Pay-per-click advertisers must consider the potential value of a click, based on who you are expecting to attract to your site. And what you can gain from that visit, in the short term as well as in the long term. To pay £10 per click may seem expensive but if that click delivers a client with a lifetime value of £10,000 it is cheap as proverbial chips.

But how much does a click cost?

Current My Mustard managed campaigns on Google range from 19p to £35 per click depending on competition and search volume.

Our clients are paying around £2.75 a click on LinkedIn, around £1 on Twitter and just under 50p for Facebook & Instagram.

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