Platinum Point

Platinum Point is an invitation-only weekly networking group, where members work hard to gain a clear and deep understanding of each other’s businesses.

Members are invited on the basis that they are leaders in their type of business  and one representative in each field is allowed. Our members are highly credible and therefore we can promote each other with confidence.

We have been meeting every week for ten years, there are currently twenty five of us and we do three things really well:

We generate genuine business referrals for one another
We share specialist knowledge and practical advice
We look out for each other and offer genuine support

In 2016 the group generated over £280,000 in new business, enjoyed over forty presentations and held a dozen social events.

We also eat a lot of eggs.

As well as a tasty breakfast there is open networking, a 60 second ‘This Is Me’ slot and a business presentation from a few of our members.

No charge. No pressure to join.

Give June a shout if you’d like to find out more.