We really enjoy networking. Really, we do.

35% of our new business comes through the various groups we either host or attend and the contacts we’ve met over the years generate 70% of my turnover. Networking has been the very essence of business for centuries but it’s not about just showing up and working the room; your best ally in a networking situation is your mental attitude. Networking isn’t about bluffing through your 60 seconds and then handing out business cards, it’s about meeting like-minded people then recognising and creating potential opportunities and relationships.

Don’t dismiss anyone. You don’t know who they know.
Don’t just stand with the same group of people or in the corner, keep on the move.
Introduce yourself with a handshake –  physical contact and eye contact really work – and ask the other person something about themselves.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Hone your elevator pitch and be memorable.
Before you go to an event have a goal in mind.
Follow up everyone. Every time.
Track your results. Time is money so measure what you get out of networking.

Be nice to everyone you meet. Yes, everyone.

Most of all be patient, we have recently signed up a client we met in 2011….

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