google adwords consultants

How much?

HowMuchAdmittedly we are a little biased but we believe that we add real value; our experience and expertise will save you time, money and pain. Most AdWords agencies charge a percentage of the spend which we think is a bit peculiar; we want you to spend as little as possible getting decent traffic but if we were to benefit from you spending more, well, that could create a conflict of interest, couldn’t it?

Google AdWords management

Six month campaign from £295 per month plus click budget
Existing AdWords user Healthcheck £295

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, Google Shopping and Remarketing management

Three month campaigns for one platform £95 per month (multi platform discounts apply)


£150 per hour or £795 per day plus travel expenses

Google Grants Programme

Apply, set up, manage for 3 months plus handover session, from £600
Apply, set up, manage 12 month contract, £120 per month
Hit and Run health check for existing Google Grant users £250

Phone us today on 01442 506070 to find out how much, and your phone could be ringing in a few hours.