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Google Shopping

MyMustard-GoogleShoppingOnline shoppers compare products and make purchases every minute now and getting your website front and centre across all available devices is an essential way to drive traffic and subsequent sales. Google Shopping ads (formerly known as Product Listing Ads) appear in their own box on Google search results above or to the right of organic search results when someone searches for products on Google or

Shoppers will see pictures of the item, prices and website names. Customers who click on your ad will be directed to your website where they can buy your item. Yippee! And you’re only charged when Google directs a customer to your shop. You need a Google Merchant Centre and your inventory feed needs to be squeaky clean. Adjusting your bids will help you to reach your target audiences cost-effectively and you need to refine regularly, to prevent your products from showing on irrelevant queries.  Ensure that you get your slice of this multi-million pound shopping opportunity always use high-quality images and compelling text to highlight your key selling points.