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facbeookicon‘You MUST have a Facebook Page for business!’

I’m not sure you do. But you’d be crazy not to harness the power of the 31 million UK Facebook users. We’ve been running Facebook pay per click campaigns since late 2010 and our clients are getting some really great results. We target people by their interests, marital/parental status, location, gender and age. You can show ads down the right hand side which when clicked direct people to your website, show posts in peoples’ streams sending them to your page or influence the friends of your fans by boosting your message. We set up multiple combinations of words and pictures and then see which versions of your adverts work best. The cost per click is still ludicrously low – often under 50p) and the accuracy of targeting is a real winner. 45 year old men interested in racing? Engaged women aged 25+? People with kids under the age of 2?   Would you like to reach these folk? Of course you would.

And since Facebook owns Instagram, you can do exactly the same thing on Instagram too. Same ad options, same opportunities, just a lot more visual. Great to capture products with a strong brand or look and often appealing to a younger audience. With 14 million UK users, why wouldn’t your brand want some of that?!