Trouble was afoot – Kate

Never put a ridiculous idea to June, take 2…
After Jude’s ridiculous idea manifested itself into a brilliant school themed 14th and a half birthday party, you’d think that we’d know that June likes to run with our crazy ideas.

And she runs…

A previous blog of mine says, and I quote, ‘(I’ve suggested to June that we send a pair of socks with each contract)’.
I should’ve known that trouble was afoot.

As much as I care about your toes in the winter months, the sole purpose of these socks are to stop you from getting cold feet, after receiving our contract to sign.
It happens sometimes, you’ve been working your socks off – so it’s important for us to tread lightly – our contract arrives and the reality of footing the bill seems scary.
You and us, we’re a good pair, so if you receive some colourful socks in the post, lucky you.
We want to get off on the right foot, so pop them on, sign the contract. We will blow your socks off.
But please don’t send them back, that’d stink.

I’ll put a sock in it now with the puns… I’m sorry.