Things happen for a reason – Sue Wybrow

What we love so much about My Mustard is:

  • not only the insanely bright and wonderful google colours that they use
  • not only the crazy, yet professional, peeps that make up the incredible team there
  • not only the copious amounts of, dare we say it, offensive drinking vessels that my mother would be in shock to see 
  • not only the teeny tiny pots of grainy mustard that my husband goes bandy for whenever we get our hands on one
  • the list goes on…..
  • ooh and the fact that they are insanely good at what they do….

But wait…. I’m not here to go on about our love for My Mustard – I’m here to guest blog on “whatever floats my boat” as put by the lovely June Cory! So, dear reader, I thought I would tell you a story. One that has a very good moral to it, so do make sure you read through to the end – you may even get goose bumps! Or just bumps, if you are a veggie or vegan like me – or let’s call them tofu bumps! I digress!

Marketing, networking, building relationships, gaining business, creating connections can happen in the way you would least expect it to! For many of us, we are putting ourselves out there, whether it be via social media, networking groups, blogging (like this amazing one – how many keywords can I get in here June?), the list goes on – but do you know what? Sometimes things are just meant to happen and I’m all for one that thinks like that. Things definitely happen for a reason – (no they don’t, Sue, says June!), but I can definitely prove her wrong in this case.

I was introduced to the lovely Mrs Cory probably about 10 years ago now in the drive-to Starbucks in Chiswell Green. I was with a mutual colleague, who quickly introduced us, before Mrs Cory shot off to her next meeting (for those of you that know, June, she likes to move at a fast pace!). I thought “oh what a lovely gal, wearing a lovely bright coloured top” (google colours as always) and thought nothing more of it.

Fast forward about 3 years and I received an email from the said Mrs Cory which was meant for another Sue. However, at the bottom of the email, in amongst June’s email signature, there was a line that read something like “Find out more about google ads” – and, funnily enough, just that day I’d been thinking of finding out more about this and wondered who would be able to help with advice, budgets, how it all works etc.

So, without further ado, I replied to June to let her know that she’d got the wrong Sue, but that I’d like a chat about Google Ads.

We arranged to meet at the said Starbucks where our first meeting had taken place – and we immediately hit it off talking about a documentary on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which had been on that week. (It’s an 80s classic for those of you too young to remember it – totally recommend watching it on Netflix, Prime or such like – total 80s Teen movie). 

And then, totally out of the blue – and Ferris hadn’t made a comeback in those days (he’s very popular now), but knock us down with a feather, but in walks a chap wearing a “Save Ferris” T-shirt and comes and sits down at the end of our table!

Well, you’ve never seen two “speak-at-a-100-miles-per-hour” gals so speechless before!

Yes, it was a sign! Yes, we were destined to bond over Ferris Bueller forever! And yes, we ended up working together, and running events together, passing business to each other and purchasing everything Amazon had to offer on the Ferris Bueller subject for each other!

So, it just goes to show you – all marketing does count! Whether it’s a whacking great billboard in Time Square, to a simple sentence at the bottom of your email signature! Relationships are formed, grow and blossom – and I will never, never tire of giving June an “Abe Froman – Sausage King of Chicago” name badge at every event of ours that she attends!

Marketing consistency is king! And so is Abe Froman!

Life moves pretty fast! Unless you stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!

I rest my case.