The My Mustard offer to end all offers – Jude

Black Friday Deals are everywhere.

And I mean everywhere.

I was in my local village corner shop over the weekend and even they are jumping on the bandwagon and offering their own Black Friday Discounts in big shouty letters all over the shop.  It seems impossible to avoid. I only went in for a loaf of bread. And is it me or do these deals get earlier every year? The end of October sees the obligatory “Get ready for our Black Friday deals” or “Never too early to start our Black Friday offers”.  In August.

Now let’s just be clear. The term Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving in the USA when most retailers offer huge discounts, making it the biggest and busiest shopping event of the year. Shoppers flock to the stores in their hoards, stores open at silly o’clock or just don’t close at all, and people lose their minds and buy things they don’t need because it’s discounted. Madness ensues, people go crazy, chaos triumphs. But hey, the tills are ringing, so win, win.

As with many things, this has now become the norm here in the UK, spreading from retailers to most other businesses – all offering their version of a good deal. But what is a good deal? Shall I really part with my hard earned cash and get in on the act?

Here’s my top tips to making the best of Black Friday:

  • Only buy things that you need. It may sound silly but people really do get carried away by a red discount ticket. Whether it’s 90% off or not, does that item belong in your life? Look at the actual price, not the discount.
  • Shop around. Just because you’ve seen those red shoes you’ve been after for weeks in your favourite shop at a discounted price, doesn’t mean they’re not cheaper elsewhere.
  • So that means, do your research. Yes, you can plan ahead – read some reviews about that product or service you’re wanting to buy, is it really a bargain?
  • Shop online. We’re big fans obviously, but do you really need to step out of your pyjamas, trek out of your house or even your bed? 
  • Get your Christmas presents early, but check the returns policy. It’s all very well starting and finishing your Christmas shopping on Black Friday but if that bright green dressing gown can’t be returned/exchanged in January, you’ll be left with a very unhappy husband.

This week we will all be bombarded with offers, discounts and deals, which will be hard to resist and as a business, you’d be crazy not to get involved…

So here it is, the My Mustard offer to end all offers, the discount to end all discounts and the deal of the f***ing century.

Miss out at your peril.

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