The MM Isolation Chronicles Part Eight – Chloe

Hi. I’m Chloe.

How to describe my role….Business admin? Admin assistant? Bringer-in of biscuits?!

(You may have realised by this point that Team Mustard bloody love a biscuit.)

Essentially, I organise stuff.

I send your contracts, I plan the fun stuff and organise the training. I take care of all thing’s admin related. I also support June by managing our client database and updating her with the all-important daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly figures.
Possibly my most important job is to make sure that we never and I mean *never* run out of coffee….

So much has changed in the last twelve weeks for the whole world.
For me personally the biggest change has to be home schooling. We love our children – of course we do – but honestly, after spending 24/7 together for …….long… I can’t quite believe how much my 8-year-old still has to talk to me about. Constantly. Like…..All. The. Time. I certainly know a lot more about Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch than I ever thought I would and definitely more than I ever needed to.

The kindness of people has surprised me; it has reminded me that people are good. Not all people, all the time but certainly most people, most of the time. Some of the things I’ve seen and stories I’ve heard really have served to remind me that together we are stronger. I really hope that the sense of togetherness that this awful event has created stays and doesn’t get lost in the rush to get back to ‘normal’.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family and my friends so much. A quick lunch, a cheeky afternoon wine whilst the kids play, a cinema trip or a coffee and catch up. All of it. I can’t sodding wait. There is so much to look forward to once it’s safe to do so. But you know what? There will also be things I will miss.

We are so lucky with the My Mustard team. One thing I do know is this; when we are all back together safely in MM Towers the biscuits will be replenished and the kettle will go on and it will feel like coming home.