Back to life, back to reality (kinda) Part 2 – Hugh

Ten things I’ve learnt in the last ten weeks

Casting my mind back ten weeks takes us to the middle of May, and whilst I won’t be including things I’ve learnt such as the meaning of an antibody test, or what an N95 respirator is, I will be covering the period of time that saw us gradually return to Mustard Towers.

  1. How important daily walks are – especially when cooped up with an equally irritable twin brother.
  2. The infamous My Mustard biscuit table doubles up quite nicely as a socially distanced desk
  3. How essential it is to keep the home working and home relaxing areas separate, even if all that means is moving the laptop from the desk to the sofa when the clock hits 4:30pm.
  4. Our ability to adapt to change, fast. Having gone through the most turbulent time of almost all our lives, the world adapted with extraordinarily little hesitation.
  5. My mood will be heavily influenced by my performance in Friday night Zoom quizzes…
  6. Although video calling is sometimes a necessary alternative, nothing beats face to face meetings.
  7. One positive to take from the recent current affairs is that there is never a shortage of engrossing news stories to chat about, or world leaders to laugh at.
  8. An impressive amount of businesses faced little to no interruption, even with their entire workforce working remotely.
  9. The idea of working from home full-time, that once seemed like a win-win scenario, gets old very, very quickly.
  10. Nothing beats a proper pint of Guinness.