Ten reasons to enter the National Business Women’s Awards…

… And just ten days to do it.

1- You are doing a really good job, isn’t it about time you told us about it. And what is actually stopping you?

2- You want some new clients, don’t you? Being an award winner impresses people – get yourself a competitive edge.

3- Winners attract winners – you will meet introducers, referrers, partners and kindred spirits on the awards journey.

4- You have a fabulous woman working with you who needs and deserves recognition; do it for her.

5- Female-run businesses are often more successful than businesses run by men, but women are much less likely to boast about their success says research from Barclays and the University of Cambridge. Come on….

6- Cities in the Midlands, the North and Scotland dominate the top ten list for number of female business owners – come and shout Hello Wembley!

7- On the 100th anniversary since women first got the vote join us and celebrate the fact that our hard work, expertise and commitment contributes significantly to the UK economy.

8- You may need funding for the next chapter – a national awards is a compelling reason to take you seriously.

9- Get the team involved – if you are lucky enough to work with a team of women, get them to contribute a section of the application form.

10- There is a proper swanky do at Wembley Stadium in December – not that you needed an excuse to buy a new LBD but the matching bag & shoes could well be tax-deductible.

Well, what do you say?

There are 11 categories – choose the three that take your fancy and get cracking!

  • Business Woman of the Year (Micro, Small, Medium and Large categories)
  • Business Owner of the Year
  • Corporate Leader of the Year
  • Influential Business Woman of the Year
  • Young Business Woman of the Year
  • Best New Business
  • Social Impact Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Third Sector Champion
  • Service Excellence
  • International Women’s Award

Entries are open until September 13th, you have just 10 days so get a move on.

Do not say, “maybe next year.”

Do not say, “I’ll never win”.

Do not say, “I haven’t got time”.

Open to any UK business in the UK launched prior to January 1st 2016 (or between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2017 for the Best New Business category).

The grand final will see the winners announced at Wembley Stadium in December.