St George’s Day lunch with the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce

The St Albans District Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual St George’s Day lunch on Friday 27th April at Sopwell House, St Albans. A fantastic afternoon, thanks to all the wonderful friends of My Mustard for sharing the day with us:  Nicola Phillips, Victoria Scott, Frances Pardell, Kate Adam, Sam Carroll, Christine Frith, Nicole Sadd, Claire Suttie, Katie Ruby Miller, Louise Towler, Sharon Montgomery, Claire Austin, Claire Pope, Sally Ilsley, Ruth Dutton, Antonia Brickell, Catrin Mills #andHugh.

Great to see our neighbouring table having a great time too… Derek Blair, David Hughes, Carl French, Caroline Deutsch, Mark Combes, John Acton, Gary Reid, David Hardstaff and David Priseman.

Thanks and well done to the Chamber for another awesome event and this year’s nominated charity, Youth Talk.