Sounds like a good idea – Jude

Why don’t you enter an award?

It’s something you hear people say and think, it’s sounds like a good idea but sounds like a lot of work too.

Nah I think I’ll leave it thanks.

Big mistake.


The benefits of entering a SME Business Award far outweigh any doubts you may have.

Read on…

  1. Have a look at the categories; Lockdown Leader, Business Chameleon, Best Enterprising Business to name but three. It really does make you think about your business, what you’ve achieved, the struggles you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them. Time to pause, reflect, energise and enter.
  2. Awards are independently judged by a wide-ranging mix of people from all areas of business, people like June who are genuinely motivated and inspired by what they are reading about your company.
  3. The kudos of being a finalist is not to be underestimated. The free advertising, the buzz on social media, the networking at the awards evening (did I mention there’s a big swanky do?)
  4. You might actually win. And what would that do for you, your team, your business? A great accolade and the pride you feel, well, there’s nothing like it.
  5. As a winner of a regional award, you will automatically be put forward to the Nationals. Think of being the winner of a National Award at Wembley Stadium!

We are proud sponsors of the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards together with our friends at Peer 2 Peer Boards and we couldn’t be more thrilled that Hertfordshire has a great track record in the quality of entrants and success in the SME National Business Awards winning six categories overall in the last National event. Entries for the 2021 awards close on 9th September.

So please reconsider when thinking about entering, it really could change your life.