Onwards and upwards Part 7 – Georgia

Christmas is a coming and the staff are getting fat….

Normally My Mustard celebrate Christmas in a fairly spectacular way. In some ways this year was like any other but rather than drinking for approximately 24 hours, it was narrowed down to just 6, and all via a ‘Zoom special’ – for those who know June you will understand that these six hours were jam packed with food, booze, special guests, bad language, games, lots of laughs…and a muggy head the following morning.

The fun however had to end, and it was time to finish preparing for the changes Google have bought in for 2021. In order for My Mustard to keep our sought after, prestigious, and hard-won Google Premier Partner status we have to fulfil an ever-changing set of challenging criteria. This is no mean feat. We have spent hours, days & weeks optimising our fifty-five accounts to Google’s standards Nadine has been 150% on it with some spectacular spreadsheets & reports. It was a momentous occasion when our target was met and a massive relief to be able to file those spreadsheets away. Well, at least until 4th January.

Now for the exams, despite the fact we are experts in our field the annual Google exams are always met with an ounce or two of trepidation. The fear of failing is too much. You never quite know what they are going to ask and whether they will try and catch you out. However, this year we were all ready to answer questions about ‘Sebastian and his online Goldfish Gymnasium shop’ and other such likely scenarios. I am happy to report we all aced our exams with flying colours, and we can now celebrate Christmas in our little bubbles, knowing we are all ready to come back in 2021 proudly still holding our Google Premier Partner award high.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, bigger & better 2021 – let’s be honest 2020 has been a bit pants.