Onwards and upwards Part 6 – Natalie

As the finance freak in MM, I am in control of chasing all the moolah for the business, go me!

It’s been said before but having to reconcile all of the boss’ receipts is a challenge in itself but chasing the money in a pandemic is also interesting.

To be fair, our clients have been fantastic so a super shout out goes to them doing all they can (as everyone is) to pay the bills which as we all know is a huge challenge… but I thought it’s worth just highlighting one of the main things you can do to help shimmy things along for both parties.
I would say the biggest part is to keep the lines of communication open at every stage. Doing this will allow both parties to plan, avoid disputes and maintain respect.
It’s amazing what can be resolved once facing the problem. Honesty, integrity and persistence will always be remembered and this will count for a lot when facing troubling times.
Make sure you are approachable so that if your client needs to discuss ways of settling fees under different terms, consider and explore these options. Times are tough, not every way will be possible but rather than ignore those invoices that have been sent, and then the reminders and the final reminders… get in touch.