Onwards and upwards Part 3 – Hugh

Last time we spoke I gave you ten things I had learnt in lockdown, and as quickly as we returned to the ‘new normal’ (ugh) we have been thrust back into a new, albeit watered down, lockdown. I say watered down as not only are many people still working from their offices, but some retail that is decidedly non-essential has remained open – Hotel Chocolat to name one…
Fortunately, this means that the vast majority of work I do for my clients is still going ahead, and lots of businesses aren’t struggling quite as much as they were in the first lockdown. Life for me has not changed too much either, except for no more going out for food, or visits to my local, which is probably not the worst thing in the world.
One thing that has changed, however, is that I have acquired a new friend in the form of a hamster. His name isn’t 100% decided on yet so I thought you may be able to help. This really has got to be the best competition we’ve ever run at My Mustard so please, Name Hugh’s Hamster! Just get in touch by the 4th December via any of our socials or email me at hugh@mymustard.co.uk
You won’t win anything other than the sheer satisfaction of naming my much-loved pet. And the judge’s (me) decision is final.
As we approach the end of what is surely the strangest year imaginable, I believe it is important to remember and implement the lessons we have learnt. For me, the most prevalent lesson would be the importance of keeping the separation of my home-working space and my home.
Whether this lockdown is the last one we have to endure or not is yet to be seen, but I think we can all agree it will be a nice feeling to turn our back on 2020.

We have been overwhelmed with the level and quality of responses, over sixty have come in and Hugh has managed to whittle it down to one…

Thank you to Damian of Events and PR for suggesting ‘Divoc’!

We have donated £100 to Dacorum Community Trust to support their essential work over the festive period.

Thank you to everyone that sent us their suggestions.