Onwards and upwards Part 2 – Kate

Breaking the negative stigma around apprenticeships

“Don’t worry if you don’t get the grades you need. You could always do an apprenticeship.”

Throughout school it was drilled into us that the idyllic learning option was to complete A-Levels, after GCSEs, before heading off to University. But, this is wrong. There is no ‘one size fits all’, everyone has different learning styles, skills and journeys in life and there are so many options available – why aren’t they spoken about?

After finishing my course at dance college, I began looking at universities to continue my studies. I saw this as the only option but the idea of sitting through gruelling lectures whilst accumulating a substantial amount of debt did not seem appealing to me, in the slightest.

After doing some research, I felt like I had stumbled across a huge ‘life hack’ when I discovered that I can continue learning, gain invaluable work experience AND get paid for it with an apprenticeship. No, it’s not just making teas and coffees for the office (although, I am partial to a cup of coffee, or two).

Apprenticeships are often a great option, particularly for kinaesthetic and visual learners, to be taught and put into practice the ‘tricks of the trade’. You could read the entire highway code, you could even memorise it but you still would not be able to drive on the roads.

Apprenticeships combine both the theory and the experience involved in an evolving job role.

As said by Oaklands College, “It is the ideal solution for forward thinking, savvy individuals who want to develop their career, gain qualifications up to degree level and with the benefit that you don’t incur student debt.”

I feel that genuine opportunities are all too often missed; from both an employer and employee perspective, with lots of ‘hungry talent’ fresh out of school ready to kickstart their career, without a degree.


If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship or hiring an apprentice visit https://www.oaklands.ac.uk/apprenticeships