New Beginnings Part 3 – Hugh

New Year, New Lockdown.
When I initially mulled over my options for New Year’s resolutions, the usual suspects were on the table.
Drink less booze, eat healthier food, and get more exercise.
Fortunately the decision was taken out of my hands when the powers that be told us that we must, yet again, stay at home.
After the announcement I swiftly shifted my resolution to the far more realistic goal of conquering effective home working once and for all.
Here are a few things I’ve been doing to stay sane whilst working from home:
Doing a ‘fake’ commute
At the beginning and (occasionally) the end of each weekday, I drag myself into the dark, cold and desolate outside world to remind myself that, yes, it still exists.
Having regular Zooms and phone calls
Every morning the team gets together for a catch up Zoom call; which is usually just a shared confusion over the latest lockdown guidance. This helps to further demonstrate that there is, in fact, life outside the confines of my flat’s four walls.
Taking my usual breaks
Whether it’s completing a few more ’16s’ on my Paint By Numbers or just making myself a quick lunch, sticking to my usual break patterns gives some structure to an otherwise¬†indeterminable daily schedule.
Having a distinct end to the working day
Essentially this is just me moving my laptop from my desk to the coffee table, and switching from live radio to my Spotify playlists, but it really helps with the transition from working hard to lounging about.
These small but important resolutions have been helping me to thrive in the home working environment, if only the same could be said for my adopted office plant…