New Beginnings Part 2 – Max

New Year, New Processes.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to find different and more efficient ways to carry out my job. Because of the nature of what I do, there isn’t really one direct route to carry out a certain job, so there are endless ways to produce one type of graphic. In the world of graphic design, shortcuts are your best friend.

When I first started out designing, jobs that I spend 20 minutes on now, took me hours. One of the most recent shortcuts that I have found is the compression website Before I would spend endless amounts of time individually compressing files so that they would be able to upload, now it takes me seconds.

Another huge time saver for me was brought in by Adobe is the update in the character selection – I used to take many painstaking hours cutting around people in photos, now I’m able to cut someone out in a matter of seconds.

My biggest find of the year was in the Adobe cropping department. I discovered that I was able to use a button labeled “Content-Aware” in order to make images larger than they should be and Adobe produced the content for me, a genius addition to the Adobe suite.

All of these small shortcuts have helped me hugely in my role and I’m sure I’ll discover plenty more as time goes on.