Moving On Up Part 7 – Kate

What’s my ‘C’ from the Culture Chameleon’s 6 ‘C’s’?

No, it’s not that C word – naughty.

The ‘C’ of the 6 ‘C’s’ that I was asked to support is ‘Commitment’.

Some commitments are large, like marriage. Other commitments are small, like making the team a cuppa.

We know that making commitments is easy, but able to fulfil them is much harder and is where the value lies.

I’m not asking my teammates to get down on one knee or always put the kettle on. I want to encourage the act of making valuable commitments and following through with them.

So how to we boost team commitment?

The first thing I have introduced is goal setting. I have asked each team member to create 1 big goal (not quite marriage), or 2 smaller goals that will improve their performance. Once we have completed our goals, we can celebrate the achievement using Hugh’s ‘Good News Channel’ and set a new goal.

We all have those tasks that we put off, for longer than we’d like to admit. It’s often a big, timely or important task. So, the next thing I have introduced is an eat the frog concept.

We’re calling our ugly tasks that we procrastinate on ‘frogs’, so I have crafted a plan to combat procrastination, one slimy frog at a time.