Moving On Up Part 6 – Georgia

The C-Word…..

My C-word is unfortunately not Cake (something of a speciality of mine) but Care, and how we can look out for each other during these strange times.
The first thing is basic, look out for each other – this should be a given but sometimes when we aren’t sitting next to each other in the office it’s hard to tell when someone isn’t ‘quite right’. We do this by daily check-ins with June to see how we are feeling, calling or texting when we think someone is ill or feeling fed up, or even dropping off COVID lateral flow tests when people are unwell. There are no limits!

Another thing that has been set up is an online Team Walking Challenge – apparently getting outside to exercise is good for us and our wellbeing (who knew?!). As a team we have so far walked around Malta, across Northern Italy and we are now walking from San Fransisco – New York. We are currently having a pitstop at Shell Garage in Placerville…

Lastly, we really care about the community so once we are back in the office we will be setting up our own Foodbank which between us, the rest of the office, and friends of My Mustard we will fill and make regular deliveries to the Trussell Trust.

So next time you are dropping in to see us with biscuits (you know you want to) why not add an extra packet to your basket and add them to our food bank