Moving On Up Part 4 – Max

As part of Culture Chameleon‘s ‘Connection Injection’ workshop, the ‘C’ I was asked to champion is
Living in the Covid world and working from home can sometimes get in the way of efficiency in the
workplace, therefore it’s my job to make suggestions for improvements to the way we get things done.

One of the quickest suggestions to implement is ‘The power of a huddle’, whereby each morning we have a team meeting to discuss the day ahead. To ‘Charge up’ for the day, we keep it brief by sticking to 3 points:

what did you achieve yesterday

top priority for today

any roadblocks?

Another implementation is to Get Moving! Whilst working we can sometimes get tunnel visioned into our tasks, spending hours a day sitting in the same position. Get Moving is all about creating habits in our working day that get us moving. Every hour we’re encouraged to do some form of short exercise, whether it’s star jumps or walking up and down the stairs, just Get Moving!

Next on the list is the ‘Hackathon’ – this one’s going to be for when, fingers crossed, we are all back together to make it as rewarding as possible. Each member of the team is able to talk about their job and what they do, and as a team we will create a clear and compelling challenge statement to encourage innovation in the job role.

Should all be very exciting!