Moving On Up Part 3 – Hugh

As part of Culture Chameleon‘s ‘Connection Injection’ workshop, the ‘C’ I was asked to champion is ‘Celebration’.

Whilst the team are dotted around Hertfordshire working from home, home schooling and doing everything we can to maintain sanity, it has been far too easy to keep our heads down and quietly deliver exceptional work.

To ensure the whole team recognises and shares their successes – no matter how big or small – I have set up a ‘Good News Channel’ on our internal message board.

So far the successes have ranged from sending out all the invoices for the month, to hitting 50,000 followers on one of our client’s Instagram pages.

‘Wins’ like these are easily overlooked when working remotely, so it’s good to finally have a place where we can share our own, and admire other’s.

To further encourage the team to share their triumphs, I will be assessing each team member’s contributions on a monthly basis, and awarding the winner and runner up with some enticing gift cards.

Not only will this improve our already notable client management standards, I believe it will have a massively positive impact on our sense of togetherness and ultimately our mental health.

Thanks for reading – I’m off to add ‘Finished writing my blog’ to the Good News Channel…